Legal Services

Legal Services

Automotive and Trucking Litigation

Claims made by someone claiming injuries from automobile or truck accidents or representing trucking firms or automobile drivers that someone is claiming caused their injuries.

Construction Litigation

Claims made against construction companies and defending claims against construction companies.

Employer/Employee Litigation

Workers’ compensation litigation, wrongful discharge litigation and contract disputes.

General Litigation

Representing either side of lawsuits for contract disputes, claims for issues between members of companies, breach of warranties, Consumer Protective Act Violations, partnership and shareholder disputes and premises liability claims

Governmental Entity Representation

Defending civil rights litigation, personal injury litigation and any other type entity litigation.

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Representing individuals making claims against their insurance companies and representing insurance companies against claims made against them.

Mediation and Arbitration

All personal injury type claims.

Medical and Legal Malpractice

Defense litigation.

Personal Injury Litigation

Individuals who are hurt or those who make claims against someone else for injuries.

Products Liability Litigation

Representing companies making claims against defective products type claims and representing individuals making claims for defective products.